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This is going to be a part of the site where I share ALL my favourite films, music, TV shows, basically whatever I feel like. I'm also making these in no particular order and I kinda wanna add something fun to what will otherwise be lists.

Just one note - even on the most up to date desktop I have, this takes a few "Reloads" in order to see everything. It wasn't intentional but I'm just saying in case you're wondering what the problem is.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the art under copyright. This is just the work of a fan who loves this media and wanted a way to pay tribute. (I also found these on Ecosia Image search so take it up with the internet).

My Favourite Albums

The only guideline I'm going to give for myself here is "no Classical" - not because I dislike it (far from it- The Firebird is legitimately one of my favourite pieces of music ever written) but its hard to judge compared to contemporary pop music. ESPECIALLY as you've got to not only ask what pieces of classical music you like but what version? "Do you like the Bach Cello Suites by Yo Yo Ma or the Bach Cello Suites by Maria Kliegel?" That kind of thing.

My Favourite Films

For the purposes of this list - no documentaries. I like artsy "human condition" movies and "dumb fun" and can put those two in the same vein but some of the documentaries I like - it feels wrong to group them together.

These are the short films

My favourite books

This is an odd one as I don't read OFTEN but I'd like to. I'm open to suggestions for books to read but, like MOST people, I have a pretty big pile of books that are unread, so expect this to changes.

My Favourite Shows

This is designed to accommodate TV AND web series'