My favourite links

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This is nothing more than a page I've made to show off some of my personal favourite places online. Barring my social media, for no other reason than the fact that my homepage has already covered that.

To start with, websites I consider to be significant culturally.

Now lets deal with entertainment

The News

Two things before I start this one - I am an Australian. I don't usually seek out world news just on the basis of "isn't it sad what's happening in Europe?" It is but I prefer bad news I could hypothetically do something about, you know? Second, I judge a good news source based on how much people in power try to silence said voice, either by deplatforming or murder.


Short intro again, I am editing the URLs of these websites to make it universal to you regardless of where you happen to live

And finally, all my personal and financial details on one webpage I've designed myself

Were any of you really dumb enough to fall for that last one?